glutino toaster pastries

Yesterday we made ice cream. It is Shavuot and it is traditional to eat dairy. I LOVE homemade ice cream! We made two flavors, mint chocolate chip, and vanilla. Both flavors used 1 cup of milk, 2 cups of heavy cream, and 3/4c of sugar, To make it look minty we added two drops of green food coloring. (Optional) In the vanilla we added one teaspoon of my mother’s homemade vanilla extract. They made a very delicious dessert.

Now on to my breakfast this morning! This morning I had a glutino gluten free strawberry toaster pastry. It is soft and flaky with a delicious strawberry jam middle. They also come in a yummy apple cinnamon flavor, but I like the strawberry flavor best. The toaster pastries are scroll K kosher parve hectured.


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